Basketball Uniform Buying Guide

Without a great uniform, what would basketball be? Their uniforms are the first thing that we see when a team steps onto the court. A team’s uniforms are more than just a way to move around the court. An attractive uniform can also tell a lot about the team. It takes planning and a lot of thought to find the perfect team uniform for your organization or club. This information will hopefully answer your most frequently asked questions regarding team basketball uniforms. All rules regarding basketball uniforms here are those of National Basketball Association (NBA). You should be familiar with the regulations for your league as they may vary from one league to another.

How do I shop for uniforms for my basketball team?

Be sure to ask questions before you start looking for the right price and look. How old and what are your team’s levels? Which look and style best represents your team? Are you looking to personalize? What are the rules when it comes to decorating team uniforms? How much do you have to spend? Epic Sports offers a variety of team basketball shorts, jerseys and accessories that are affordable. You can create the perfect look for your basketball team with our user-friendly customization software. Ask one of our friendly service representatives for help if you feel overwhelmed or confused.

Epic Sports can customize my basketball jersey

You can customize your basketball uniforms for both youth and adult. Choose from one of the four options for printing, or create your own unique uniform with our uniform customization software.

Is it expensive to have my basketball uniforms custom-made?

Our prices are very affordable. Prices will vary depending on the package you choose and how detailed your basketball jersey is. Our basic, one-color, back-number-only package starts at $2.25, but you can customize as many as you want.

What options are available for printing basketball jerseys? Are they compliant with regulations?

There are four options for printing that will suit your budget and needs. You can choose from the Bronze, Silver and Gold options, or customize your order by choosing from six fonts and a range of styles and colors. Our printing complies fully with the basketball uniform decorating regulations. For more information, please visit our basketball menu.

Epic uses what printing process to personalize basketball jerseys

Epic Sports uses a professional heat transfer process that is similar to screen printing for a flat vinyl material.

Why choose Epic Sports to personalize my basketball uniforms

Our print packages are affordable and convenient. We have everything you need, starting with the basics, which cost only a few dollars per jersey, all the way to customized designs to meet your needs. You can create your team’s look using our easy-to-use jersey customization software. Our professional printing process is the most current and efficient. This results in uniforms that look great, last a long time, and are well-received by customers. We are confident that you will find the best value online for our everyday low prices on high-quality basketball uniforms. Our friendly service representatives are available to assist you! If you have any questions, please call us at 1-888-269-2440.

What are the rules regarding team basketball uniforms

NBA rules:

  • When entering the court, team members must be dressed in their full uniforms
  • All players must wear uniforms
  • The shorts should be worn with the game jerseys.
  • A game is not permitted to be played with t-shirts.
  • The length of shorts should not exceed 1 inch below the knee.
  • Jerseys should clearly be numbered on both the front and back
  • The player/team name and number must be in contrast to the shirt color
  • The colors of the home team must be in contrast to the colors of the visiting team
  • Home team usually wears light colors while visiting team typically wears dark colors
  • Only shoes can bear a logo for a company.
  • You can wear wristbands up to 4 inches wide and headbands up to 2 inches wide.

What are the rules of decorating my basketball team’s uniform?

NBA rules:

  • Numbering must be done on both the front and back of player jerseys
  • Contrast shirt color with number color
  • Numbers should be at least three-quarter inch in width and six inches tall
  • The jersey must have the player’s name on it.

What number of commercial logos may I use on my basketball team uniform?

The NBA rules stipulate that basketball shoes cannot bear the logo of a manufacturer.

What length can my basketball shorts last?

In general, no more than 1 inch below the knee.

What type of socks can I wear to a game?

Basketball socks can be of any length according to NBA rules. Stockings, tights and long compression socks are prohibited. Check the rules that govern your league or organization.

What is the best place to put my name and number on a jersey?

The rules state that player and team names and numbers must appear in the “neutral Zone” of a basketball jersey. This is the area at the front and back that extends from the shoulder seam to the bottom.

What numbers can I put on my basketball jersey?

  • NBA – There are no restrictions on numbers
  • WNBA – 00 – 0-55
  • NCAA – 00. 0, 1-5. 10-15. 20-25. 30-35. 40-45. 50-55
  • NFHS – 00. 0, 1-5. 10-15. 20-25. 30-35. 40-45. 50-55
  • FIBA – 4, 5, 6/7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 13, 14, 15,

What is a standard uniform for basketball?

A basketball team uniform usually includes a pair or basketball shorts, a jersey, approved basketball socks, and shoes. Although accessories like hairbands and headbands are permitted, they are not considered part of the uniform.

What makes the uniforms of visiting and home teams different?

It can be hard to distinguish the visiting and home teams when they have the same colors. The rules are that the host team (or home team) must wear a light-colored uniform and the guest team must be dressed in dark colors.

What fabrics are used to make team basketball uniforms?

Basketball uniforms are usually made of lightweight synthetic fabrics like nylon mesh, polyester dazzle or rayon.

Why is there so much interest in dazzle?

Dazzle is a shiny, polyester fabric that can be used to make many sports uniforms such as football, basketball, rugby, soccer and other. It’s not only popular for its sleek appearance, but also because it is lightweight, durable, breathable, and absorbs sweat.

What are the various styles of basketball jerseys available?

You can choose from cap-sleeved, short-sleeved or tank-style game basketball jerseys. They also come with rounded necks and v-necks. Many jerseys can be reversible.

Is there any difference between the basketball uniforms of men and women?

It is not as common as it used to be. Women used to play basketball in long skirts, long-sleeved blouses and long sleeves back when Dr. Frank Naismith invented the sport. Men wore long wool pants with short sleeves and sleeved shirts. The uniform was changed over time and with evolving trends, both men and women started to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts. The only difference today is that the sleeves of a woman’s sleeveless shirt has smaller arm openings than a man’s.

How did shorts for basketball become so popular?

It’s all due to Michael Jordan, the legendary basketball player! In the mid-to late 1980s, he revolutionized the look and feel of basketball shorts. Basketball shorts had been quite short and ill-fitting before the new style. According to the legend, the star player grew tired of pulling on his traditional basketball shorts while playing. The star player requested a longer, wider pair of shorts that were made specifically for him. His team loved them. The shorts were redesigned and made available to the entire team. Soon, college basketball players across America and the fashion industry adopted the new style.

How has the look of basketball uniforms changed throughout the years?

With the evolving trends, the basketball uniform has evolved. Basketball was first invented in the streets. There were no uniforms at that time. Baggy wool trousers were worn by men, as well as short-sleeved shirts and socks. Street shoes were also worn by these men. Long skirts were worn by women with long sleeves and blouses. Basketball was first recognized in 1920s as a game. Men’s uniforms for basketball consisted of two pieces: a pair medium-length trunks with a jersey without sleeves and a sleeveless one. Jerseys made of stretchy, breathable wool were eventually developed to reflect team spirit and identify teams. To keep the jerseys in place, ladies had to wear knee pads and their jerseys were fastened at the crotch. In the 1930s, synthetic fabrics changed basketball uniforms. By the 1940s, shorts and tanks made of polyester-nylon were the norm. In keeping with changing fashion trends, the uniform evolved. In the 1970s and 1980s shorts were shorter and more snugger. Today, they are longer and baggier and still the standard.

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