How to Match Shoes and Dresses – Tips Every Girl Must Know

They say diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Shoes are better than diamonds! You could choose between fifty pairs of shoes or a diamond ring. Which would you choose? The answer is easy to find. If I were you, I would choose the second. And I’m sure most women would give up their diamonds to have a wardrobe full of shoes. We are also made fun of because we don’t know how to match the shoes with our dresses.

Yes, there’s more to the world than meets the eye. I’m here for all of it. This is not rocket science. You need to know the basics. Here’s all you need to know about “How to match your shoes and the dress.”

Different types of shoes

Women and men have different meanings of the word “shoes”. Let’s forget about the men and focus on the women. We will show you what falls under this category and how to style it.

Peep toes

This is easy to do. Remember that peep-toes look great with bare legs. Any dress that falls below the knee will work well. Wedges can also be worn with casual clothes if you are uncomfortable wearing stilettos. Flat peep toes are best paired with opaque leggings or jeggings that reach the hip.


Pumps are urban and chic. Any outfit with a chic appeal will match well with pumps. You can choose from various styles, including pencil skirts, cigarette trousers, and long formal dresses. These look great with short dresses, with or without sheer stockings. This look is perfect for winter. With skinny jeans, you can add a trench coat or long fur jacket to your look.


You might be wondering how different the pumps are from stilettos. I wasn’t sure, too! They aren’t that different, let me tell you. Pumps are high heels that are closed. All other high heels fall within this category. They can be worn with almost any outfit, formal or casual.

Lower Heels

If you are one of those people who hate heels, then lower block or kitten heels might be the best option. They will give you the pleasure of wearing heels. Find a middle ground and find shoes slightly higher than the others. This shoe is for you if you want to complement your office attire. This gives you an elevated look that will enhance your look.


What comes to mind first when you think about boots? Winter? That is stereotyping! Boots are a winter wonder, and they’re not more. They are a great addition to fall’s charm but can do much more. You can wear the ankle-length, knee-length, or above-the-knee versions with jeans and a leather jacket, jeans, short dresses or long gowns, and skinny jeans or skinny jeans. It’s possible to try almost anything without being too pushy. There are many options.


These have evolved from a complex fashion accessory to a necessity in every fashionista’s shoe collection. These sandals can be worn with most dresses and are the best option. Most dresses, I mean something that falls near the calves. They look great with shorts and dresses inspired by boho, as well as long dresses that are longer than knee length with table strings. You can either avoid them if your legs are long or choose the ones with thicker straps.


Loafers and ballerinas are a blessing disguised and don’t need any introduction. They can be worn with almost any dress and will never let you down. You can choose to match or contrast colors. One dark shade will go with everything. You’re covered if you buy a pair of Tory Burch or Gucci.

Slip-on Shoes

Slip-on was the mommy pants or shoes. Shoes once thought boring and dated were no longer fashionable. It didn’t take long for us to be proven wrong. Crocs were even considered this when they first appeared. These are now fashionable, practical, and stylish. These are as simple as it sounds. Slide them on, and you’re good to go. These colors are fast and neon, which is great fun. You can do them if you can pull them off. Slip-on and short/long summer dresses are very popular right now.

Running shoes

Running shoes or trainers, whatever you want to call them, have always been the most popular because of their comfort. But that’s all changed now. It’s up to you to dress them up. Fashion bloggers recommend that you try fast and vibrant colors. These are great for an airport look, hiking with friends, running, or any other activity.

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