Style Ideas for Women: How to Wear a Flannel Shirt

This article will show you how to wear a Flannel shirt. A flannel shirt can be versatile, easy to wear, and is dynamic. The best thing about flannel shirts is their versatility. Below, we will show you how to style them. This article will show you how to style these shirts.

Cute Ways To Style Your Flannel Shirt

Flannel Sweater

We have evidence to prove that flannels aren’t all about shirts. Plaid has made its way into fall fashion paired with ankle booties.

Plaid Cardigan

You didn’t know this was coming, did you? The idea of a flannel-lined cardigan was something I loved, and I am so grateful to the designer for creating it. Another way to incorporate the plaid print is by adding a belt. Paola Farina, Personal Stylist, says you can customize your cardigan with a belt.

Plaid Shirt Dress

Checkered or plaid shirt dresses are easy to wear and can be worn with almost any body type. It doesn’t matter if your body is petite, plus, or pear-shaped. The dress fits perfectly and looks great on everyone.

Paola advises, “Ensure the size of your checks fits your body.” If you’re petite, large checks won’t look good on you.

With knee-high boots

This electric blue plaid shirt is refreshing from the traditional red and white plaid shirt. You will love it! You can pamper yourself and the plaid more by wearing skinny jeans and thigh-high boots!

Winter Camo Jacket

If you are a fan of camo jackets, raise your hand. Layer your plaid with a flannel top in winter. You have it all sorted. The shirt and coat look great together.

Leather pants

For the past couple of seasons, leather pants and leggings have been a dominant fashion item.

The Cowboy Style

Do you feel a bit tomboyish or cowboyish today? The perfect plaid shirt will match your mood. Your ideal outfit should include a plaid shirt, dark-washed bootcut, boyfriend Jeans, boots, and a sleeveless jacket made of denim.

Ankle boots and distressed denim

Another way to rock a plaid shirt is with distressed denim or frayed pants. Converse shoes or ankle-length boots are also options.

Flannel Shirt and Formal Skirt

This fusion look can be achieved with a formal skirt and a plaid shirt. This is not impossible, who said? Also, why haven’t we thought of this before?

With shorts

Because we don’t want to wear too much flanneling and because we want to use it in our dressing. We don’t have to wear them. Let’s tie it around the waist and pretend cutely. 

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