Fabric Knitting Techniques: There are many ways fabrics can be knitted in the textile industry.

What is Fabric Knitting?

In layperson’s terms, a knit fabric is a fabric made using the knitting method. There are many types of fabric knitting methods that are used in the textile industry. Knitted fabric has different properties than its counterpart, woven fabric. Fabric knitting refers to the process of interloping yarns or merging the loops. Knitted fabrics are more affordable and can be used in socks or hats. Textile Infomedia allows you to find textiles made of different kinds of fabrics. One of the largest portals allows businesses to buy and sell textiles online.

A List of Fabric Knitting Methods Commonly Used in the Textile Industry

Knitted fabrics can be lightweight, porous, and elastic fabrics made using needles. There are two major types of knitted fabrics: warp-knit and weft. Textile Infomedia allows textile suppliers and wholesalers to work on various textiles. Here are the various types of knit fabrics used in the textile industry.

Jersey Knit

Jersey knit produces a fabric that is lightweight to medium-weight and one knit. This fabric is best for making dresses or t-shirts. Knitted fabric is easy to work with and can be made of various fibers, including silk and wool fiber.

Elastane Knit

Elastin knit fabrics are commonly used in daily life. These fabrics are comfortable and easy to knit. Lycra is the most common type of fabric made from this type. Because of their comfort, these fabrics are ideal for nightwear. Textile Infomedia offers the best Lycra fabric deals.

Rib Knit

Fabrics made from rib knit have distinct ribs on both sides. These fabrics can be reversible. This knit is used for making neckbands on tee-shirts and bands on turtleneck clothing. Cardigans, sweaters, camisoles etc. This knit is used to make sweaters, camisoles, and cardigans. Using Fabric Knitting Methods with rib knit, you can make flattering and drapey clothes.

Double Knit

Double knitting is a method that produces fabrics with a thickness twice that of single-knit fabrics. They are medium-weight and appear identical on both sides. Two-needle knitting is used. Cotton, wool, rayon fiber etc. Are common fibers made from double knit?


It is reversible knitting that looks the same on both sides. This knit also produces a thicker fabric than single knit fabrics and is easier to sew. Interlocking knitting creates a smooth surface perfect for embroidery and fancy material painting. Textile Infomedia lists a variety of textiles that have embroidery knit.

Lace Knit

This fabric is one of the most popular for making cloth. Because the result of this textile knitting process combines the elegance and flexibility of knitting with lace, it is a popular fabric. These fabrics are difficult to maintain. Textile Infomedia lists lace fabric deals.

Continue reading to learn about the different types of knitting used in the textile industry.

Mesh Knit

The most durable open-work knit, mesh knit, is similar to tulle fabric. It is lightweight and has a high degree of sheer. Textile fabrics with mesh knit are strong and stretchable.

Piled Knit

Pile knitting is a method that results in a raised surface or nap on the material. Fabric is made with either a strand or good loops. Pile knitting is most commonly used in carpets, velvets, plush, and Turkish towels. Textile Infomedia can connect you with suppliers of pile-knit textiles.

Sweater Knit

This knit is used to make sweaters. These knits come in many types and are closely knit for a strong and stable feel. These fabrics are extremely comfortable to wear. Some sweater knit fabrics have texture built on them, while others have an open weave with no holes.

Purl Knit

This type of knitting is very bulky and has a two-way stretch. Purl knit fabrics are almost twice as thick or three times thick than jersey knit. Purl knit fabrics also have both a lengthwise and crosswise stretch. These fabrics are used in the manufacture of sweaters.


Tricot fabric is extremely smooth with lengthwise and crosswise tricot ribs. The knit fabric is very soft and thin. Tricot fabric is used in the manufacture of swimwear. Textile Infomedia offers a platform to purchase tricot fabric directly from suppliers.

Handmade Knit Fabric

The yarn and knitting needles used to create this fabric are also used. This fabric is made from yarn and takes a lot of patience and labor. Hand-knitting is often used to make sweaters, gloves, socks, and socks.

Textile Infomedia: The Leading Portal for Buying Knit Fabrics

There are many different methods of knitting knit fabrics. Each method produces a unique fabric with different properties and results. Textile manufacturers use various fabric knitting techniques to make different types of goods. Knit fabrics are used to make sweaters, caps, gloves and other clothing such as cardigans, camisoles, t-shirts, cardigans, and many other outfits. Textile Infomedia offers the best deals in India on knit fabrics. We are India’s leading portal for textile manufacturers and wholesalers of various knit fabrics and their products.

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