Beautiful Stuff (BS) Projects

A Message of Hope for Christmas
October 10, 2017
Beautiful Stuff Project No 2
October 10, 2017
After many requests from our lovely customers we have decided to launch a monthly project to help you with your skills and to give you an enjoyable work to complete. Every project will be different and provide an opportunity to experience new skills and explore different techniques, or perhaps just a chance to brush up skills you have already acquired. Every month we will release a new BS project. They will all be different but not difficult. All projects come in kit form and include fabrics and patterns. Our staff experts have chosen and tested the components so you will find the experience a pleasure.

First up is this Rosie Bag. Experience good quality bag hardware, specialised bag batting and selected fabrics from our range.

Buy online or in the store. The online price of $41.45 includes postage and handling.